September Networking Lunch with Reece Donnelly
Venue: The House for an Art Lover
Tuesday 19th September | 12 pm – 2 pm

Reece Donnelly is a Scottish Entrepreneur, Founder, Director, Actor and Presenter.

Now a TV personality and broadcast presenter, Reece has made a name for himself as a highly established all-round performer.

Back in 2017, Reece founded the highly successful Theatre School of Scotland and since then has opened the Theatre College of Scotland. The Theatre School of Scotland has just reached its million-pound turnover and with The Theatre College to reach ¾ of a million in its first year of trade Donnelly has an eye for successful businesses.

Most recently appearing on the 17th season of The Apprentice, Reece is the first Scottish candidate in 10 years. Since the show he has now launched a business podcast “The Scottish CEO Show” streaming weekly on YouTube & Spotify.

Reece aims to inspire and educate the next generation of ambitious entrepreneurs.

From the age of 6, Reece’s passion for Acting has led to an impressive and diverse career within the entertainment industry. Over the years he has worked professionally on projects including; Carrie and Davids Pop Shop (CBBC), Waterloo Road (BBC), Citizens Theatre, Pavillion Theatre, Happy Days UK Tour, and T-Mobile (Commercial). Reece is also an esteemed voice-over artist for clients such as NHS and Nickelodeon.