Season 2012–13

June AGM: Special Guest Johnny Beattie

June 2013 AGM Special Guest Johnny Beattie Tuesday 18 June Actor Johnny Beattie MBE delighted 92 Glasgow Business Club members and guests at their final meeting of the season on Tuesday 18 June. His light touch and laughter approach went down well. ‘My jaws are sore...

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May Meeting: Ken Macintosh MSP

May Meeting: Ken Macintosh MSP 21 May 2013 MP Margaret Curran, obliged to be at the critical Westminster vote on same sex marriage, had to miss Glasgow Business Club lunch on Tuesday 21 May 2013.However, she sent along a very acceptable alternative speaker in MSP Ken...

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Free Drinks and BBQ Networking Evening

Free Drinks and BBQ Networking Evening The Hilton Garden Inn, Glasgow 9th May 2013 | 6pm–8pm President Norman Ferguson was deleted to welcome 60 members and guests to our social networking BBQ evening. The Riverside patio was alittle out of our reach due to the...

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April Meeting: Alison Walker

April Meeting: Alison Walker Firhill Stadium Tuesday 23rd April Alison does what Pele says Sports journalist Alison Walker is learning Portuguese—because the famous Pele told her to! This was one of the many things she revealed to the 83 Glasgow Business Club members...

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March Speed Networking

March Speed Networking Ibrox Suite, Ibrox Stadium Tuesday 19th March 2013 74 members and guests gathered today in the Ibrox Suite. Ibrox Stadium is a favourite venue with our members and a long standing meeting place. As always we enjoyed a nice lunch and hospitality....

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February Meeting: Boyd Tunnock CBE

February Meeting:Boyd Tunnock CBE 'Willy Wonka of Tannochside' Tuesday 19th February 2013 The Glasgow Business Club was proud to welcome Boyd Tunnock CBE to speak at our February meeting.Boyd is the the Managing Director of the iconic Scottish biscuit firm and has...

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Annual Burns Lunch 2013

Annual Burns Lunch The House For An Art Lover Tuesday 22nd January 2013 Club President Norman Ferguson extended a warm welcome to 89 members and guests to our ever popular Burns Lunch held again this year in the House for an Art Lover with the grounds of Bellahouston...

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December 2012 Breakfast Meeting

Free Breakfast Meeting Craig Mathieson, Polar Expedition Leader Tuesday 11th December 2012 89 members and guests who attended our networking breakfast were entertained by our special guest speaker.Craig led the first Scottish expedition to the South Pole and he talked...

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