June AGM Club Lunch:
Ron Culley


Biographical Notes

Ron is a born and bred, proud Glaswegian. A Glasgow Man. His proud claim is that he spent forty years in public service — twenty three of them as a Chief Executive of Govan Initiative Ltd, Scottish Enterprise Glasgow and the West of Scotland Transport Authority respectively.

While in Govan he was a founding member of the then South Side Business Club which has transmogrified over the years into the Glasgow South Business Club and now the Glasgow Business Club. Ron looks forward to the day when the organisation becomes the Greater Glasgow Business Club before claiming its rightful designation as the Central Scotland Business Club and taking a seat in the United Nations.

For the past decade Ron has become a successful author. He has written ten books including travel books, joke books, biographies and historical fiction including, ‘The Patriot Game’, ‘Alba; Who Shot Willie McRae?’ and his most recent, ‘The Butcher’s Apron’. He has also written a humorous play about religion rejected by the BBC because it was ‘too strong meat for transmission’.

Now retired, Ron speaks on current affairs across Scotland, is popular with book clubs and is in demand as a speaker around Burns Night every year.

Ron has four sons and lives with his wife, Jean in the leafy suburbs of Glasgow — the city he loves.

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