Christmas Lunch

Guest Speaker Craig Mackie

Date: Tuesday 17th December

BIO of Craig Mackie

Craig started in the creative industry at the age of 16 making tea in a design agency with no qualifications to speak of. He loved it and 15 years later…………..ok, 26 years later he still loves it.

He founded his own creative agency ‘SHINE’ in 1999 at the age of 22 and his mantra back then of “I’m young enough to make a mistake”, is gradually fading! Craig will share his story of 20 years in business…..the good days and the bad as well as cover the importance of branding, both personal and business.

Craig has also spend 6 years on the board of Cancer Support Scotland and 3 years as Chairman. His spare time is taken up by being a guitarist in a band, a keen runner and loves travel, holidays and different cultures.

He also volunteers as a mentor for the Princes Trust and has a regular programme of interns coming through the SHINE studio on their way to a full time job.

Branding and the values of a business is a key part of what SHINE deliver for their clients. It’s making sure you align “How you look, how you act and what you say”. Craig will cover the value of consistent branding in a business. The personality of a business should be something that all members of a team buy into. We can all learn from some great examples of where branding exceeds customers expectations and a few where they have fallen spectacularly short.

Do you know the values of the business you represent? Do your clients?

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