April Meeting: Alison Walker

Firhill Stadium

Tuesday 23rd April

Alison does what Pele says

Sports journalist Alison Walker is learning Portuguese—because the famous Pele told her to! This was one of the many things she revealed to the 83 Glasgow Business Club members and guests at their lunch meeting in Firhill Stadium on Tuesday 23rd April.

Introduced by President Norman Ferguson, Alison recounted her rise to fame despite the frequent, chauvinistic attitudes of her male colleagues. “I’d never admit I’d two children,” she said. She reeled off a list of eminent sports people she’d interviewed and told delightful, insightful tales of incidents along the way. At the 2012 Olympics, Pele was one of her interviewees—along with David Beckham, Henry Kissinger and the King of Spain. She told Pele she’d love to report on the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. “He advised me to learn the language. So that’s why I‚’ve spent the last six months at Glasgow University learning Brazilian Portuguese!‚” she recounted. Recently she set up her own media training company. “I’ve time to spend with my children now. But as they’re teenagers, they don’t want to spend time with me!”

Next month the guest speaker will be Margaret Curran, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland. Known until recently as Glasgow South Business Club, the organisation now holds meetings in a wider geographic field than it did before. Therefore the meeting on May 21 will be at GTG Training Centre in South Street, G14 0BJ.

Photos from the Event

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