February Meeting with Petra Wetzel, WEST Brewery

Tuesday 21st February

12 – 2pm

The Ibrox Suite, Ibrox Stadium


‘Never interrupt someone doing what you said could not be done.’ 

These words of Amelia Earhart adorn the business card of Petra Wetzel, founder and Managing Director of WEST Brewery in Glasgow.

It is a quote perfectly apt for someone who has continually confounded expectations. Wetzel is a firm believer that taking oneself out of one’s comfort zone can be a rewarding and thrilling experience and constantly manages to do just that.

Bavarian-born Petra Wetzel opened Glasgow’s WEST Brewery in 2008, producing German-style beers in strict accordance with the traditional German Purity Law. Wetzel has quickly risen through the ranks of the industry with WEST receiving awards for the beer it produces and its bar and restaurant for the service it delivers. The growth of WEST under her leadership is staggering, developing from a self-contained beer hall and brewery into a successful distribution operation with over 1,000 venues in the UK now stocking WEST beers.



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